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Silja Trimbuch

Authentic relating facilitator & Embodiment Coach

Hello, I’m Silja, an Authentic Relating facilitator and coach based in Portugal. My passion lies in connecting with people, acknowledging their challenges, and ensuring they feel seen and heard. With a deep well of empathy and advanced skills in conflict resolution, I guide individuals through understanding and dismantling the patterns that prevent them from cultivating deep and meaningful relationships. I believe that everyone deserves healthy, loving connections, as they are essential to human well-being.

My background in marketing and journalism, combined with comprehensive training in authentic relating and Nonviolent Communication (NVC), equips me with a unique approach to coaching. I’m dedicated to supporting people and organizations in embracing the right to and the joy of authentic, loving relationships. Looking forward to making a meaningful difference in your lives. Warm wishes from Portugal, Silja.

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