Partners and Affiliates

“How wonderful that you’re helping to spread our congress.”

On this page, you’ll find promotional materials available for download.

Simply choose what suits your needs. If anything is missing, please let me know, and I’ll take care of it. If you want to use your own graphics or text, that’s perfectly fine as well. My images are here to assist you. It’s a top priority for me to support all speakers to the fullest and create a space of the highest visibility and reach for the congress.

We collaborate with our partner Digistore24 for congress sales. This is the largest and most widely recognized payment provider in the German-speaking region.

50% of the proceeds for your efforts.

I will share 50% of the proceeds with you. If you already have an account with Digistore24, simply enter your Digistore ID on this page (you can always find this ID at the very top, far left, after logging into Digistore24). This will provide you with your own affiliate link, which you can use to direct your community to our registration page. If someone purchases the congress package through your tracking affiliate link, you will automatically receive a 50% commission credited and paid out to you.

You can manually create your affiliate link by simply replacing the text “AFFILIATE” with your Digistore ID.


Download the images you need for the congress here!

Simply download the images on the right as needed. To download all the images at once, click here.

I’ve created “custom” versions of the images as mockups where you can insert your own profile picture/text (in the circle). If you need assistance with this, please feel free to contact us via email at at any time.

Banner classic

Insta Story Banner Peace in the Light Summit

Banner Story

Banner Instagram Peace in the Light Summit

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Mailing Banner Peace in the Light Summit

Banner Mailing

individualized Banners (check the folder)

E-mail Samples

For Newsletter and
Facebook/ Insta Postings

Here are some pre-written texts.

You can use them as email templates or for your social media posts.

However you prefer.

Feel completely free to adapt all the texts to suit your feelings and your community best. You know best how it fits for you and your people.

“Understanding death. Seizing life.”

“Peace in the Light” Congress Package

If the people in your community can’t make it to all the live interviews of the congress, there’s a solution:

They will have access to all the content (videos, audio, and extras) in the protected member area of the congress package for a small fee.

You will receive 50% from each package sold through your community. Just use your Digistore ID when referring people to the congress.

Your community has the opportunity to purchase the congress package on this page.