Chris Katoll

Kolja Fark

Body therapist, movement expert, and Senior Stretch Therapy Teacher

The body therapist, movement expert, and Senior Stretch Therapy Teacher works with his method precisely in tune with the times, uniquely combining body awareness, flexibility, and regulation of the nervous system.

For more than 15 years, I immersed myself intensely in Chinese martial arts and movement arts. Tai Chi, Qigong, and meditation… I had hardly anything else on my mind and fully immersed myself.

So, I trained and meditated basically all day, attended silent retreats, traveled to masters… the whole program.

During this time, I completed all levels of certification, up to the highest worldwide, to become an instructor and examiner for other teachers.

Within a few months, I single-handedly established a large Tai Chi school and taught up to 100 people per week.

Through my own training, my own physical discomforts gradually disappeared, and those of my students also decreased. However, some issues shifted or persisted. So, I continued to research…

Through my study of the human body, I became acquainted with craniosacral therapy and osteopathy, and I was fascinated by this approach.

Numerous trainings and seminars with renowned instructors in this field allowed me to deepen my knowledge of the human body.

In addition, I worked as a body therapist and graduated naturopath, spending 4 years in my own practice for holistic bodywork on the Canary Island of La Palma.

Various individuals with their unique problems approached me to work with them, including many who were yoga instructors, Pilates teachers, and bodyworkers themselves.

I noticed that even colleagues struggled to find solutions for their own discomfort within their exercise systems.

So, I looked beyond my own expertise and learned from internationally leading teachers of various movement disciplines, undergoing several trainings including becoming a Senior Stretch Therapy Teacher and Mobility & Assessment Specialist.

Ultimately, I integrated my experiences from various fields into my method and joyfully pass it on.

Understanding death. Seizing life.

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