Katrin Klug

Conference Organizer | Heart Opener and Medium

I am Katrin Klug, mother of two wonderful children, globetrotter, and founder of Kraftquelle-Geist.

I have always been a heart-led explorer and felt called early on to question what is considered normal and to explore explanations for all kinds of phenomena. For many people, I became a kind of visionary informant.

For several years now, I have been initiated into the hermetic laws, which I use for my personal development as well as to support other people. Consequently, I have reclaimed my mediumistic abilities, which helps me illuminate hidden issues and also helps others to contact deceased or comatose individuals.

We are a vegan, peace-promoting, initiative, creative, musical, and loving family.

Our goal is to give people back their own voice or to provide them with tools to empower themselves and sing their own song.

As we are extremely sociable and joyful individuals, it brings us maximum joy to inspire others with our messages, quite literally, to uplift them.

I especially enjoy helping people who are stuck in a crisis, suppressing or even drowning in their own grief. On one hand, I want to give them hope and strength during this phase of pain; on the other hand, I want to show them the opportunity that this time brings to recognize their true essence, to tap into their own power, to follow their own path, and to connect with their beloved deceased.

We ourselves follow our soul’s calling and live a self-determined and very free life.

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Understanding death. Seizing life.

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