Karoline Steinmann-Frey

Karoline Steinmann-Frey

Mystagogue | Mystic | Author

Welcome to the world of love,

In this indescribable elixir,

That deeply fulfills you in every moment.

Delighted and nourished from within.

I am at home here.

In this world.

And I warmly welcome you here.

As a mystic and messenger, I receive messages from the source about life on Earth from the perspective of love. And this is deeply soothing, clarifying, and nourishing.

Through the consciousness, energy, and vibration of the messages, you come into contact with the purest light, which also speaks in a poetic form through me or with us. And thus, together, we immerse ourselves in this pure consciousness, not made by human hands.

You experience deep love, lightness, deep connection with your light being / essence being, and much more in your own unique way. From this emerges natural stillness, joy, cheerfulness, courage, and happiness. You discover your purest melody. Your purest elixir.

As a mystagogue, I am privileged to guide people into this preciousness and into the mystery of their own lives. Into that place where the inherent beauties, wonders, connections, and magic of life simply unfold before them. Where they can experience deep love. Natural bliss, deep inner peace, foresight, and connection with the essence arise. Opening, expansion of consciousness, and healing occur.

I love to support people in walking their own path with love and joy. Not to preclude anything and at the same time feel that life only wishes the best for us. That we human beings are here on Earth to fully immerse ourselves in the experience of life. And that we are allowed to make these experiences in great love.

All of this can be experienced in my weekly spoken online light message meditations, in individual sessions, personal coaching, seminars, retreats, empowering trainings, and also in the form of online courses.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you.

Understanding death. Seizing life.

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