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Ilona Selke

Bestselling Author | Seminar Leader | Speaker | Musician

Ilona Selke is a Consciousness Catalyst and Manifestation Mentor with four decades of experience in empowering individuals around the world to harness the power of their consciousness and manifest their desired realities.

An international bestselling author, seminar leader, and CEO of Living From Vision®, promoting subtle-field healing technologies, she also co-founded the Shambala Oceanside Retreat Center™ in Bali with her husband Don Paris Ph.D.(h.c.).

Together they live on an island north of Seattle, USA, as well as in Bali, where they operate the Shambala Oceanside Retreat Center.

Ilona has authored six books, including co-authoring “SUCCESS BLUEPRINT” with Brian Tracy and “THE BIG SECRET” with Jack Canfield. She hosted the weekly TV show Quantum Living and has produced 25 CDs and over 200 recorded meditations.

Her work focuses on unlocking one’s spiritual and human potential, creating transformative life changes through expanded states of consciousness, the art of conscious co-creation and thereby increasing multidimensional awareness.

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