Christiane Gießbach

Dr. med. Christiane Gießbach

Specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy | Specialist in general medicine

Christiane combines the worlds of conventional medicine, complementary and spiritual healing, creating healing spaces beyond space and time in which loss, grief, relationship anxiety and more can be reorganized and healed in the most light-filled way. One of the tools she uses is the soul song, with which she touches you and your loved ones directly at their immortal soul. No matter which side of the veil they are on. <3

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Here she invites you to a guided meditation with soul song:

You can find out more about Christiane and her work here:
Kraft der Seele
Mission Beziehungslück

You can find more information about soul singing here:

In the “Magic” Summit Bundle, Christiane offers a Guided Meditation

Understanding death. Seizing life.

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